Preparing 150 Sandwiches

Step 1: Submit your request via our submission form located on the homepage of the web site.
Please include the number of sandwiches and the location where you plan
to drop off.

Step 2: Consider making a donation via the Donate Page on this website.  It costs approximately $8 for delivery and storage of 150 sandwiches. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Step 3: Consider purchasing supplies through Coborns Delivers. *Orders must be placed at least 3 business days before your event.*

Step 4: Purchase supplies as follows:

  • Meat: Pre-packaged turkey, chicken or turkey bologna products that make eight helpings
    per package (two slices per sandwich). 19 packages is plenty.
  • Cheese: There are packages of cheese that come in quantity of 72. Buy two packs plus another small eight pack. (one slice per sandwich)
  • Bread:  A loaf of bread generally makes 10-12 sandwiches. ~15 loaves.
  • Zip Lock Sandwich Bags: commonly come in boxes of 150.  No fold-over bags please.
  • Plastic Gloves
  • No Condiments (butter, mayo, mustard, etc.) are necessary.

Step 5: Assemble sandwiches, place in ziploc bags and place completed sandwiches BACK IN THE BREAD LOAF BAG (each loaf bag holds 10-12 sandwiches).  Be sure to DATE each loaf bag with the date the sandwiches were made & if they are other than turkey/chicken.  Some locations will not distribute meat other than this white meat.  A permanent marker or sticker is best.

Step 6: Drop off sandwiches at a drop site nearest to you.  Please notify the location at least one day in advance so that they know you are coming. If you plan on making more than 500 sandwiches, please notify the drop off facility 48 hours in advance.

Storage: Please place the completed bagged sandwiches back in the bread bags.

Refrigerate/Freeze your sandwiches at all times at 41F or below.

Wash hands and all applicable preparation surfaces.  

There will always be extras of something…do your best!