Do we have a facility to make sandwiches (similar to Feed My Starving Children)?

No. The Sandwich Project is a volunteer led grassroots organization facilitating small and large group sandwich preparation and distribution. All sandwiches are prepared off-site at someone’s home, place of worship, school and/or work.

Can I make the sandwiches at my home?

Yes. Sandwiches can be prepared anywhere provided the group follows our strict production guidelines listed on the instructions page on our website.

Can a group make more than 150 sandwiches?

Yes. The Sandwich Project is equipped to receive up to 50,000 sandwiches in any given day. If you plan on making more than 500 sandwiches contact the desired location to ensure they have the freezer space.  If not, we will help to make alternative arrangements for the delivery/pick up of your sandwiches.

Do you pick up the sandwiches once prepared?

Yes. In the case of a large group (greater than 500 sandwiches) if possible, our volunteers will pick them up. In the case of standard sandwich production up to approximately 500 sandwiches, we have a list of drop off sites you can deliver to.

How much does it cost to make a sandwich?

The typical retail cost of a sandwich is approximately sixty-seven ($.67) per sandwich.

Do you accept any type of sandwich?

No.  For storage and freezing purposes, we request all sandwiches be made with bread, white meat and cheese.  For more details, please refer to the instruction page.

Can I freeze the sandwiches?

Yes, if they do not thaw before being delivered to the drop off location, they can be frozen.  Many people choose to do this if they need to store them until they are delivered.

How are the sandwiches delivered to those in need?

Once the sandwiches are dropped off at one of our location sites, they ultimately go to a cold storage warehouse facility.  Volunteers or a courier service takes the sandwiches to various shelters and food shelves.