Corporate Partners

Coborn’s, Inc. is recognized for its outstanding commitment to the communities it serves. The company annually donates more than $2 million and thousands of volunteer hours toward making a positive difference in our communities. Coborn’s Golden Rule is “Treat all with dignity and respect.” We make it our goal to “Be The Best” in every market we serve. This focus on customer service, freshness, value and community involvement is the cornerstone of Coborn’s, Inc.’s success story!  Click here to view their website.

In addition to being a drop site for The Sandwich Project, Multiply acts as the marketing and public relations partner for The Sandwich Project. Multiply serves it’s clients by creating award winning advertising, marketing and web programs.  To learn more about Multiply click here to view their website.

Coop Partners provides cold storage warehousing for The Sandwich Project.  Co-op is a distributor of organic produce, dairy, soy and juice servicing retail co-ops, natural food stores and restaurants in the Upper Midwest. To learn more about Coop Partners click here to view their website.

ULINE provides boxes and shipping materials for The Sandwich Project. Uline is a family-owned business, and is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout
North America. To learn more about ULINE click here to view their website.


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Winnesota Regional Transportation is not only a busy drop site for The Sandwich Project, they are an intergral part of our ministry. The courier service is used daily to pick up sandwiches from our various drop sites and deliver to our central freezer location in St. Paul. Without them we could not do what we do. To learn more about Winnesota Regional Transportation click here to view their website.



“We thank the many businesses and families who donate their time and space to take in sandwiches on a daily basis”